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Frasier: 11x8

Murder Most Maris (2)

Niles is questioned by the police because he loaned Maris the murder weapon–an antique crossbow–for use in a play. Maris insists that she acted in self-defense. She continually calls Niles from jail, leaving Daphne extremely angry. The media scrutiny surrounding the Cranes intensifies after Frasier–the self-appointed family spokesman–accidentally says that Niles and Maris will be “executed” rather than “exonerated.” Niles and Daphne have to come stay with Frasier, and Daphne makes Niles sleep on the couch. Frasier worries that Niles is reacting too calmly, as he believes that the anxiety will build up and eventually lead to a breakdown. Overcome with stress and sleep deprivation, Niles winds up stripping off all his clothes in Cafe Nervosa. Roz and Frasier manage to handle the situation. Niles finally begins to display some anger about his predicament, and asks Maris to back off and stop calling him so often.

Frasier: 11×8
Frasier: 11×8
Nov. 11, 2003